We have a number of logistics warehouses with the capacity of tens of thousands pallets around the Czech Republic and we are ready to open other ones for you and tailor them to your needs within the frame of our project logistics.

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Warehousing logistics

We have a network of modern logistic warehouses with a capacity of tens of thousands of pallets around the Czech Republic. We secure a smooth process of your material flows no matter if it is raw material for the production or forwarding of finished goods. We offer a warehouse racking system as well as space-efficient block stacking.  Thanks to our exact record of goods by means of bar codes you can get an on-line overview of the state of your stocks and products. We secure all operations by means of electronic orders by a mouse click. We meet the most modern demands of Supply Chain.

Service parameters:

  • quality logistic halls of A type
  • racking systems with high load bearing
  • controlled temperature and humidity
  • exact record of goods by means of using a bar code
  • on-line access to web interface
  • stock removal mode of FIFO, LIFO, FEFO type
  • electronic security through ARC, camera systems
  • customs warehouse

Mechanized and manual goods handling

The goods handling in logistic warehouses is carried out by means of using a modern fleet of goods handling equipment, rack stackers, pallet trucks and fork lift trucks . Manual goods handling of small, fragile, cardboard or small-scale goods is carried out by trained staff.

Service parameters:

  • loading and unloading of trucks
  • inbound and outbound delivery of goods in the logistic warehouse
  • quick and effective mechanized goods handling
  • safe and careful manual goods handling
  • box picking
  • packing and wrapping of shipments
  • co-packing
  • marking and labelling of goods

Unloading and loading of containers

To business companies we offer unloading / loading of goods from the containers and following palletization, packing and distribution of goods all around the EU.

Service parameters:

  • loading and unloading of 20ft and also 40ft sea containers
  • manual loading / unloading of small-scale goods or mechanized loading / unloading of palletized goods,
  • completion, palletization and packing of goods
  • follow on services – customs clearance, warehousing, distribution


We secure cross-docking of your shipment from vehicle to vehicle, typical for shipments from groupage lines into the distribution system.

Service parameters:

  • heated and secured premises of A type around the Czech Republic
  • top handling equipment + manual goods handling
  • completion and splitting of shipments
  • marking and labelling of shipments
  • electronic data exchange with partners - EDI
  • exchange and digitalization of documents - POD

Value-added services

We offer to trade and production firms additional operations and services connected with the goods. Concentrate on your production and we take care of the rest.

Service parameters:

  • completion and packing of the goods into sets
  • documentation package
  • marking and branding of goods
  • simple production operations

Packaging logistics

Do you want to own packaging and take care of it? Rent it with full service from us. We deliver packaging in requested amount to a specific place at given time. The packaging is always delivered clean and in good condition. In addition we collect it, fix it and wash it so it is ready for the next use.

Service parameters:

Washing of industrial packaging

If you supply packed goods to production companies where they put emphasis on quality and cleanliness then we can secure washing of your packaging in first-class quality.

Service parameters:

  • mechanized washing and drying of KLT crates
  • hand washing of cages, gitterboxes and other types of packaging
  • environment-friendly process of wastewater disposal
  • in operation all year around

It is convenient to combine it with packaging logistics services

Managing of purchasing processes

Do you buy big amounts of material or stockpiles which take the capital away and are administratively difficult? Let us take care of this. We secure purchase and financing of the correct amount of necessary material, parts and operating supplies.  We realize their just-in-time delivery that is based on the on-line order through a dedicated web interface.

Service parameters:

  • stocks financing and ordering goods by service provider
  • call-offs through e-shop
  • 7/24 delivery system
  • standards management
  • kanban