Warehousing logistics

We have a network of modern logistic warehouses with a capacity of tens of thousands of pallets around the Czech Republic. We secure a smooth process of your material flows no matter if it is raw material for the production or forwarding of finished goods. We offer a warehouse racking system as well as space-efficient block stacking.  Thanks to our exact record of goods by means of bar codes you can get an on-line overview of the state of your stocks and products. We secure all operations by means of electronic orders by a mouse click. We meet the most modern demands of Supply Chain.

Service parameters:

  • quality logistic halls of A type
  • racking systems with high load bearing
  • controlled temperature and humidity
  • exact record of goods by means of using a bar code
  • on-line access to web interface
  • stock removal mode of FIFO, LIFO, FEFO type
  • electronic security through ARC, camera systems
  • customs warehouse

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