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Contract Logistics

We offer a customised individual logistic solution. According to your particular requirements we
will set and control your logistics processes so that they become your competitive advantage.

Storage-related services with an added value:

  • - Division of multiple goods consignments prior to distribution
  • - Packaging and labelling of consignments
  • - Preparation of goods in FIFO, FEFO or LIFO regimes
  • - Evidence of drawbacks
  • - Maintenance of a palette account
  • - Provision of our own plastic palettes for distribution (suitable for food processing plants)
  • - Storage of goods in a bonded warehouse
Služby s přidanou hodnotou

Purchase processes management:

  • - Purchase and storage of material and raw material
  • - Optimisation of stock levels
  • - Management of supply logistics – delivery of materials to production lines
  • - Stock financing
  • - Online summary of stock balance
Řízení nákupních

Washing of industrial crates:

  • - Machine-washing and drying of plastic crates and palettes
  • - Evidence of washing packaging material – sorting and storing
  • - Management of supply logistics – delivery of packaging material to production lines
  • - Environment-friendly technology
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Logistics is our daily business. Ask for the dedicated logistic solution of your needs.