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Customs Clearance


We are a holder of the AEO certificate, F category

Due to the possibility of using simplified customs procedures we guarantee the efficient
clearing of your goods. We offer customs services as part of our comprehensive services
within contractual logistics and transport services in the case of transport outside the EU, but also as a separate product.

We can provide:

  • - Customs declarations for import, export and transit of goods
  • - TIR, ATA Carnets
  • - Origin of the goods Declarations (EUR 1, A.TR).
  • - Customs debt
  • - Storage of goods in a bonded warehouse
  • - INTRASTAT statistical report

Besides the simplified procedures we also make use of electronic communication with the Customs Office
in order to make the customs procedures faster.

skladovani sklad

The internation force group Abroad we arrange for customs requirements in selected countries
through the FORCE (Freight Organization of Related Cargo Experts) partnership network.

For detailed information on the scope of the FORCE network see here


Soňa Klimentová

Telefon: 412 432 132 Mobil: 602 484 856


Jaroslav Bulín

Telefon: 412 432 134 Mobil: 725 744 984


We will clear the goods of yours.
Contact your customs clearance department.